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Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) helps underserved communities in the United States meet their infrastructure needs and improve each community member’s quality of life. Members of the three founding organizations--ASCE, AWWA and EWB-USA--can volunteer their time and expertise to assist communities that do not have the resources to access engineering services.

CECorps works collaboratively with communities to design solutions to problems that the community has identified. We only partner with communities that do not have the financial resources to access engineering services in a traditional manner. Volunteer-led project teams will have access to the resources necessary to ensure these projects are appropriate, sustainable, and comply with the regulatory environment standards within the United States.


Community Engineering Corps will bring underserved communities and volunteer engineering leaders together to advance local infrastructure solutions.


Our vision is a country where all communities have the infrastructure they need to thrive regardless of their financial resources.



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In February 2014, CECorps was launched as an exciting new alliance between the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Water Works Association and Engineers Without Borders USA. 

Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers  (ASCE) represents more than 145,000 members of the civil engineering profession worldwide and is America's oldest national engineering society.

Established in 1881, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, the world’s most important resource. With approximately 50,000 members, AWWA provides solutions to improve public health, protect the environment, strengthen the economy and enhance our quality of life.

Founded in 2002, Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) supports community-driven development programs worldwide by collaborating with local partners to design and implement sustainable engineering projects, while creating transformative experiences and responsible leaders. Their 14,700 members work with communities to find appropriate solutions for water supply, sanitation, energy, agriculture, civil works, structures and information systems.


The alliance combines the strengths of three premier engineering organizations to provide technical expertise to underserved communities in the U.S.


Members of ASCE, AWWA and EWB-USA groups with a range of experience and expertise can volunteer on project teams, serve on committees and provide mentorship to student project teams. Read more . . .