For Communities


The Community Engineering Corps works with communities in the United States that do not have the financial resources to hire engineers. We work directly with communities or non-governmental organizations that represent communities, providing engineering design and related technical services for infrastructure related projects.   

To get an idea of the types of community projects that CECorps works on, read about our Project Stories.


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Apply to Start a Project

Any community that needs engineering assistance but cannot afford to retain those services can ask the CECorps for assistance. The definition of “community” is broadly defined for the purpose of the CECorps. A municipality, the members of a community garden, or the homeless persons who use a specific homeless shelter, are among many possibilities. The application must come from a community group or a nonprofit organization that represents a community.



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Path Forward After Project Approval

If the application from a community is approved, the CECorps will identify a project team that is best suited to work on the project. Next, the CECorps will connect the community with the volunteer engineers that will be working on the project. This step can take up to three months, though it is often quicker. The project team will then work with the community to develop a scope of work and both will sign an engineering services agreement. View our full project process description for more information.

If the project is declined, CECorps will work with the community to modify the application and/or project, if possible, to make it acceptable as a CECorps project.