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How We Help

Your community may be organized and motivated to make necessary improvements and may have even found funding for implementation. The only thing missing may be the technical capacity to make infrastructure assessments, develop design criteria, or other technical criteria necessary to apply for funding or advance the solution. Community Engineering Corps is uniquely qualified to fill this gap by matching underserved communities and volunteer project teams.

Who We Work With

“Community” broadly encompasses many people, groups, and organizations that contribute to a community’s well-being. Past communities that we have worked with include municipalities, members of a community garden, a shelter offering services to people experiencing homelessness and more. We welcome applications from any underserved community looking for engineering assistance.

Types of Projects


rainwater harvesting. irrigation. runoff control. hydroculture. cold chain.

Civil Works

roads. bridges. rails to trails projects.


solar. alternative energy sources. energy audits.

Information Systems

GIS mapping. project management systems. construction management systems.


automating systems. HVAC. lighting.


roofing. buildings (community centers, sustainable building, etc).

Waste Management

solid waste. recycling.

Water Supply & Sanitation

drinking water. water resources. wastewater. compliance issues. leach fields. alternative toilets.


mobile food banks. show us your innovative spirit and pitch a unique project!

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