Applications and Project Documentation

Inquiry form – initiate a project with CECorps – APPLY (URL)

Engineering Services Agreement template – use for all CECorps projects – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

How to Get Started in Volunteer Village – quick and easy guide to creating your Volunteer Village account – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Community Engineering Corps Policies

Project Process – illustrated description of how communities, volunteers, and CECorps staff interact throughout the project – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Underserved Definition – how we define and measure a qualified community – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Construction Policy – when and how a project team can conduct construction/implementation – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Professional Liability Coverage – a summary of our insurance coverage for professional volunteers – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

About Community Engineering Corps

CECorps Brand Guide – an introduction to the CECorps brand – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Photo Guidance – suggestions from EWB-USA’s brand guidelines – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Storytelling – suggestions from EWB-USA on compelling storytelling and visuals – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)