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Community Engineering Corps Policies

Project Process – illustrated description of how communities, volunteers, and CECorps staff interact throughout the project – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Underserved Definition – how we define and measure a qualified community – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Construction Policy – when and how a project team can conduct construction/implementation – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Professional Liability Coverage – a summary of our insurance coverage for professional volunteers – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Project Forms

541 Community Application – for any community wanting assistance with a project – DOWNLOAD (.DOC)

542 Project Team Application – for any project team wanting to adopt a CECorps project – DOWNLOAD (.DOC)

Volunteer Waiver – required for all project team members – DOWNLOAD (.DOC)

543 Work Plan – for project teams to submit after they’ve been approved to start a project – DOWNLOAD (.DOC)

545 Status Report – for project teams to submit when they have not reported progress for 4 months – DOWNLOAD (.DOC)

546 Final Report – for project teams to submit their final draft work for CECorps review – DOWNLOAD (.DOC)

547 Project Closeout Report – for project teams to submit to fully close out a completed project – DOWNLOAD (.DOC)

About Community Engineering Corps

Introduction to CECorps Webinar – learn how, why, and where CECorps works – DOWNLOAD (.MP4)

CECorps Brand Guide – an introduction to the CECorps brand – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Photo Guidance – suggestions from EWB-USA’s brand guidelines – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)

Storytelling – suggestions from EWB-USA on compelling storytelling and visuals – DOWNLOAD (.PDF)