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Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) is seeking enthusiastic volunteers to use their skills and expertise to help underserved communities across the United States. Volunteers with a range of experience and expertise will be recruited to work on project teams, serve on committees or mentor student project teams.

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EWB-USA Chapters and AWWA or ASCE Sections

Project Teams – EWB-USA chapters and AWWA or ASCE sections can form project teams to work in underserved communities on improvement projects. Each project team must have a Professional Engineer licensed in the state in which the project will be constructed who is willing to serve as the Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC).

A Project Team can:

See the 'Project Process and Documentation' description below for more information

Fundraising – Chapters and Sections are encouraged to raise funds to support any necessary travel and design work for their projects. Fundraising for project implementation is not currently allowed.



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Individual Volunteers


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Webinar Schedule

Community Engineering Corps currently has two webinars available. The first will help you learn about the CECorps and how you can be involved. The second will help you learn about the CECorps project process and how project teams will interact with the CECorps staff throughout the life cycle of your project.

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Project Process and Documentation

The Community Engineering Corps has developed a rigorous project process to guide project teams through the analysis and design of a project.  This project process is summarized below.

Step 1 – Identify projects that are appropriate for the Community Engineering Corps.
Step 2 – Match each project with a section or chapter that would be appropriate to work on the project.
Step 3 – Chapter and community together develop a scope of work and engineering services agreement.
Step 4 – Chapter does assessment and design work.