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Community Engineering Corps projects take place across the country and are made possible through the great work of our volunteers. We are happy to work with the engineering and other technical professionals as well as university-level students who make up our project teams and review committees. Members of all three Community Engineering Corps alliance organizations – American Society of Civil Engineers, American Water Works Association, and Engineers Without Borders USA – are welcome to join us!

Services We Provide

Community Engineering Corps volunteers provide pro-bono engineering services that may include consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning and design of engineering works and systems, engineering studies and the review of construction for the purpose of assuring substantial compliance with drawings and specifications.

Position Descriptions

Legal Review Committee (LRC)

LRC volunteers are responsible for the review of a project’s Engineering Services Agreements (Form 544) documents and responding to the Project Team when legal concerns are raised. They examine the overall breadth and scope of the projects to minimize and mitigate legal risk, helping ensure that the projects protect and preserve the public health, safety, and welfare. Typically, our reviewers spend 0-10 hours per month on assignments, depending on project needs.

LRC volunteers are individuals with extensive experience in law that support the engineering services that Community Engineering Corps provides to its infrastructure projects and are committed to our mission. They should be a licensed member of the bar in the Unites States and at least four years’ experience related to construction law.

For more information or to apply as a legal volunteer, please email cecsubmittals@ewb-usa.org.

Project Team

Volunteers from EWB-USA chapters and AWWA or ASCE sections can form project teams to work on Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) projects. Potential CECorps volunteers can check in with local social service providers, nonprofits, neighborhood associations, and other community-based groups to see where engineering services are needed within their own communities. Project teams can also adopt unassigned projects featured further down on this page.

Each project team must have a Professional Engineer licensed in the state in which the project is implemented, and this person must be willing to serve as the Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC). The team must also have a project lead and the necessary technical expertise to complete the work. For more information, look for the project on Volunteer Village.

Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC)

From time to time, project teams have the membership they need aside from one final, key member: the Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC). When REICs are recruited (see Current Opportunities below), the qualified applicant will have expertise in the given project area as well as professional engineering licensure in the state where the project is taking place. The applicant must also be a member of ASCE, AWWA, or EWB-USA. Typically, this is a more involved position requiring several hours a month with at least one site visit over the course of the project. To get involved, please respond to a specific call for an REIC as listed in the Current Opportunities section.

Technical Review Committee (TRC)

The TRC is a quality control committee that provides technical review of project work plans and the final design reports. TRC volunteers typically commit 10-20 hours of work per project assignment, depending on the complexity of the project. Volunteers must have professional engineering licensure with at least four years of experience, and be a member of ASCE, AWWA, or EWB-USA. To get involved, please send your resume to cecsubmittals@ewb-usa.org.


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Current Opportunities

Community Engineering Corps has projects that are looking for the right team to help. Take a look at the list of unassigned projects and other opportunities to find the best fit, or build your own project! To submit an application for an unassigned CECorps project, sign up for Volunteer Village! For more information or assistance, please reach out to cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

AZ - campground clean water infrastructure

A small campground community in the Coconino National Forest needs assistance with stabilizing their water filtration system. This project would include training the nonprofit on how to operate and maintain the final filtration solution.

For more information, please email us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

FL - expedited housing pilot program

A Miami, FL community is designing an eco-friendly 3-Unit Building with affordable and transitional housing programs mixed with market rate rentals on a Community Land Trust. Needed engineering services may include: review of site assessment and environmental impact, review/advisement on the site plan, design and/or review of construction plans, collaborate with other professionals (Architect, LEEDS, etc), review and advise on necessary permits, and more.

For more information, email us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

IN - analysis of water distribution system

The community requires assistance in developing as-built drawings of the current pump houses as well as suggested improvements, a hydraulic analysis of the distribution system, and development of a system map.

For more information, please contact us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

KS - water supply feasibility study

The community requires a feasibility study for water supply options to their city. The maintenance costs of their current water tower are becoming prohibitive and they want to explore other options.

For more information, please contact us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

MO - professional engineer for greenhouse design

An EWB-USA chapter needs a Missouri-licensed engineer to join their team, preferably someone with a structural engineering background. The chapter is working with a local nonprofit to design a sustainable off-grid greenhouse made of recyclable materials. This project involves designing the greenhouse and providing construction guidelines for the structure, which will be built by local youth volunteers in Summer 2019. This will be a fast-paced project!

For more information, contact us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

MO - professional engineer for community kitchen retrofit

A Missouri-licensed engineer is needed for a student project team working with a non-profit community development organization in Kansas City. The project entails retrofitting an existing space to serve as a commercial kitchen for the community. The ideal volunteer will have experience in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design, and serve as the Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC).

For more information, please reach out to the project lead, Evan Heronemus, at eheronemus@ksu.edu.

MS - professional engineer with brownfield cleanup experience

An EWB-USA chapter is looking to adopt a project in Mississippi and needs a Mississippi-licensed engineer to join their team. The project seeks to clean up brownfield sites and convert them to park space. If you believe you have relevant experience and capacity to act as the lead engineer on this project, or if you would like more information, please reach out to us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

NM - permit and planning assistance

The community is currently in violation of groundwater use permitting and planning requirements. A 40-year water plan and conservation plant are both requested by the State Engineer’s Office. A grant/loan application for water metering may also be necessary, including a preliminary engineering report.

For more information, please contact us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

SD - water storage evaluation and upgrade

The community needs assistance creating an engineering report and design to address the issues of the line flushing, poor chlorination, and storage capacity. Volunteers will review the current system and suggest necessary upgrades.

For more information, please contact us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

TN - potable water system recommendations

This neighborhood association requests assistance in developing design recommendations for a potable water system. They are looking for an engineering report with recommended alternatives and costs analyses to help inform grant funding applications.

For more information, please contact us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

WI - water damage and ADA compliance modifications

The community needs assistance with upgrades to one of its municipal buildings. These include adding an elevator, adding automatic doors, wheelchair ramps, and other accessibility modifications. Additionally, remediating water damage that impacts the basement.

For more information, please contact us at cecinfo@ewb-usa.org.

Build Your Own Project

Want to create a project in your own community? Most of our projects come from collaborative efforts made by our members working with organizations in their area. Yours could be next!

How do you get started? If you are not already familiar with an appropriate partner in your community, some of the best places to check in with are local nonprofits, neighborhood associations, social service providers, or other community-based groups. They will often be able to identify needs either within their group or with their partners and constituents.

Once you identify and establish a solid community partnership, the community can submit a 541 Community Application (found on our resources page) to kick off the project!

For more information, reach out to cecinfo@ewb-usa.org


What's in My Backyard?

CECorps is pleased to announce the What’s in My Backyard? campaign that will educate interested volunteers on CECorps services and equip them to identify potential local projects.

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