CECorps is pleased to announce the What’s in My Backyard? campaign that will educate interested volunteers on CECorps services and equip them to identify potential local projects. Activities throughout this Campaign will enable participants (engineers and technical professionals) to connect with organizations and communities locally, with the ultimate goal of providing engineering services in both urban and rural populations. In addition to advancing local engineering solutions in underserved communities across the US, CECorps volunteers will expose individuals living in these communities to the wonders of engineering.

This 2019 Campaign is possible due to a generous grant through the United Engineering Foundation.

Participant Toolkit

Currently under development are educational and outreach materials for professionals and students, which will teach Campaign participants how to deploy through CECorps in accordance with local, regional, and federal regulations and deliver an appropriate standard of care. The toolkit will be available in June 2019 here on the CECorps website. Participants can look forward to videos, guided discussion topics and activities, and supporting materials.

Looking for additional assistance? In-person training workshops and live webinars can be scheduled with staff.

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A preview of the topics and information to come.

CECorps work and who it serves

Guidance on how to partner locally with organizations, agencies, and communities that have a need for engineering and technical services

Ways to build strong, equitable partnerships with under-served communities

Tools for scoping a CECorps project and delivering engineering services based on identified needs with partners and communities

Project Examples

Community Engineering Corps is engaged throughout the United States with projects that are making a difference in your communities.

Alliance Partners

Participating Associations