A Powerful Partnership

Leveraging the membership of Community Engineering Corps’ alliance partners – American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Water Works Association, and Engineers Without Borders USA – we bring more than 200,000 technical professionals and students together to serve communities across the United States. These individuals volunteer their time and expertise to assist communities that do not have the resources to access engineering services. With a strong commitment to community-driven projects, our volunteers work alongside community members to design solutions to identified problems.

What Drives Us


Community Engineering Corps brings underserved communities and volunteer engineers together to advance local infrastructure solutions.


All communities in the United States have the infrastructure they need to thrive.



Develop projects collaboratively with communities and advance engineering solutions in a way that is honest, transparent, and ethical.


Engineer solutions based on genuine community engagement that consider technical, managerial, and financial capacity along with environmental stewardship.

Continual Learning

Foster an environment of learning so volunteers, communities, and staff have the tools and training to address the challenges they face.

Social Responsibility

Provide quality volunteer experiences and cultivate highly trained engineers.


Effectively and efficiently use resources to serve communities and volunteers.

Our Staff

Clare Haas Cleveau, PE
Program Director

Clare leads the CECorps Program and looks to strategically grow and expand its impact through successful partnering and engaged volunteers.

Stephen Barr
Project Engineer

Steve works with AWWA Sections and individual members to help them engage in and make a difference through the CECorps Program.

Melissa Prelewicz, PE
Project Engineer

Melissa works with ASCE Sections and individual members to help them engage in and make a difference through the CECorps Program.

Ellie Carley
Program coordinator

Ellie supports the partners, volunteers, and CECorps staff in reaching the full potential of the CECorp mission.

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