Who We Work With

“Community” broadly encompasses many people, groups, and organizations that contribute to a community’s well-being. Past communities that we have worked with include municipalities, members of a community garden, a shelter offering services to people experiencing homelessness and more. We welcome applications from any underserved community looking for engineering assistance.

How We Help

A community or organization identifies a need for engineering and/or technical design services, but is unable to obtain traditional for-hire consulting services. These services are often the critical component to meeting regulations, applying for funding, or other obstacles to implementation. Community Engineering Corps is uniquely qualified to fill this gap by matching underserved communities with volunteer project teams.
Types of Projects



Agriculture projects improve farming and production capabilities for communities. Projects include rainwater harvesting, irrigation, runoff control, and hydroculture.


Civil Works

Civil works projects improve basic public infrastructure for communities. Projects include roads, rails, trails, drainage, erosion control.



Energy projects provide consistent, sustainable energy for communities. Projects include solar, alternative energy sources, and energy audits.



Structures projects, such as bridges and buildings, help build stable, strong foundations so communities can safely access healthcare, economic opportunities and education. Projects include structural assessment, roofing, and sustainable methods.


Water & Sanitation

Water supply projects provide or improve the source, storage, distribution and treatment of water for communities. Sanitation projects provide sustainable waste solutions for communities. Projects include capacity buiding, addressing compliance, gray and black water systems, and more.

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Community Project Process

All Community Engineering Corps projects go through three phases: Pre-CECorps, CECorps, Post-CECorps


Underserved community identifies a need within CECorps’ areas of expertise: agriculture, civil works, energy, structures, and/or water & sanitation.

Note: CECorps services do not include construction

Engineering or technical expertise is required to solve your community's identified need

Your community lacks resources or the ability to obtain technical services

If the answer to the above questions is yes, complete an application for CECorps services


Community Engineering Corps provides a framework for our volunteers to work on a solution to the community’s identified needs.

1. CECorps Interviews, Evaluates, and Approves Application


2. CECorps Identifies Volunteer Team


3. Team and Community Collaborate on Work Plan


4. Team Develops a Technical Solution


5. Team Delivers Final Recommended Solution


6. CECorps Monitors and Evaluates


The community implements the engineered solution. With increased technical capacity, the community can use the project team deliverables in a number of ways.

Note: While CECorps does not cover construction activities, volunteers may participate as an “owner’s rep” to ensure construction meets design specifications.

Apply for funding

Consider recommended engineering solutions

Implement designs

Meet regulations

Impact of Our Work

CECorps has worked with numerous communities nationwide — positively impacting underserved communities with pro-bono engineering services. Learn more about our work and its lasting impact.

Our Impact