The community water company has been in operation with the current system for over 30 years. The town’s population is approximately 80 people, however, the system serves almost 400 individuals with approximately 125 metered connections. The water system is aging in multiple ways, and the PA Department of Environmental Protection has issued multiple notices of violation for the system.

Project Background

The community water company currently has received multiple notices of violation, which include issues concerning source water monitoring, filtration system operations and alarming, distribution system flushing, water tank storage and inspection and sampling, instrumentation and monitoring and reporting, and issues of general management of the system. While RCAP representatives can work with the town on emergency response and planning and elements of mapping and asset management, the Borough needs to assess their ability to continue operations with the treatment system as it’s currently configured.

Project Scope

A project team is being requested to assist the community on multiple fronts. While RCAP and the Water Board can address some of these violations, assessments of source water alternatives and cost estimations are required in order to potentially address issues with treatment plant operations. In addition, an asset assessment should be conducted in preparation for a Preliminary Engineering Report to be submitted to funding agencies for replacement of storage, distribution, meters, a treatment system, and the development of potentially new source water alternatives (either in consolidation with a nearby system or utilizing groundwater resources).

About the Community

The median household income of this community is ~ $35,000, making it 80% lower than the State MHI.  This greatly impacts their capacity to produce or pay for Preliminary Engineering Reports and assessments.  By helping this community they can move forward with grant funding to pay for the recommended upgrades and treatments.