This community partner is looking to build low-income housing for community members in this growing TX county.  They have acquired the building site and are ready to move forward, but informed CECorps that the area is prone to flooding and they’re minimal knowledge in flood mitigation is holding up the project process.  Along with flood mitigation, the community partner is looking for guidance on building recommendations to better suit the issues at hand.

Project Background

This community partner is eager to work through issues limiting new construction and affordable housing in the area while looking to collaborate with many partners to make this housing project a reality. This project will include preparing engineering technical reports for the community partner but also assisting in site assessments and fieldwork.

Project Scope

We are looking for a team that can review available information including flood maps and sub-plot plans while making recommendations on flood mitigation for new home construction.

About the community

Those that will be accessing this housing project are of low-income status and fall below the poverty line with an unemployment rate of 7.47%. After completion, the complex will provide between 25-30 units and could house around +200 individuals in need of housing assistance.