This community garden was founded in 2004 to engage youth in farming to help address the need for healthy, fresh food in the area. They have evolved since then and continue to use food to connect the community, encourage stewardship, inspire leadership, and incite change. They work hand-in-hand with the community on urban gardening including reclaiming urban spaces as farms and gardens for good growth, teaching youth sustainable and just food practices, and community-supported agriculture programs. They currently have several small scale gardens but it has been a goal of theirs to find a larger farming “hub”.

Project Background

In 2019 they found a .7 acre property between the downtown and residential neighborhoods. Part of this land was previously developed and the community garden is looking for a site assessment/design and rain catchment/ storage/ irrigation system design for this new urban farm. This will be the largest of their urban gardens and the first requiring engineering design. This site has 30-40 feet of elevation difference from the top to bottom. Part of the land has soil contaminated with lead and arsenic. The land used to be developed with two houses, one of which was demolished and the other burnt down. There are no underground storage tanks that they are currently aware of. The site also has significant stormwater issues.

Project Scope

The scope of work may include:
  • Landscape/grading design plan
  • Erosion and sedimentation design -Stormwater management design
  • Rainwater catchment/ storage/ irrigation system design for 10,000-20,000 gallons of rainwater (may include the roofs of adjacent properties)

About the Community

This community farm focuses its efforts to support the community around them and promote healthy lifestyles and change.  In a community where 25% of the residents receive SNAP and 75% received reduced lunch, this farm does its part to help change that percentage. With the reports and fieldwork done by this team, the farm hopes to receive grant funding to expand on its goals.