In 2010, this community Cooperative received funding to start a preliminary engineering report and receive expert input on their water system throughout their manufactured housing park. After the assessment was completed many deficiencies were sited and now the community requires an engineering design report along with the associated cost to bring their community up to code.

Project Background

After the preliminary report was completed, the following findings and deficiencies were noted:

  • Components used in the park water distribution system are over forty years old 
  • Many of the manufactured housing units do not have individual curb stops 
  • There are currently no household meters to individually bill households. 
  • The main distribution isolation valves appear to be in poor condition.
  • All of the water distribution pits have evidence of moisture infiltration or standing water.
  • Plastic piping components are not installed using best-installation techniques 
  • There is no provision for field locating plastic piping except by exploratory excavation.
  • The distribution piping is not equipped with flushing valves.
  • The main distribution lines appear to be undersized for the number of units 
  • Fire protection- single hydrant located on a 6-inch diameter water line extension. Only half of the units are located within 300 feet of the hydrant.

These and other issues will need to be addressed and cost assessments completed for final deliverables to the community.

Project Scope

An engineering design report and associated costs are necessary to address the identified issues with the distribution system. There is no on-site storage, booster station, or chlorination given the proximity to the City water supply. Water quality and pressure may be potential concerns that should be examined, but are not primary concerns. In addition, local fire departments should be consulted concerning hydrant placement and delivery pressure.

About the Community

The Cooperative is governed by an annually elected, 5 member board. The Board collects fees for water usage at a flat rate for all 70 homes in the park. Anywhere from 300 to 400 individuals live in the park at one time and will need to be accounted for within the final deliverable. With the engineering report, the Cooperative will use it to apply for State Revolving Loan Fund grants or grants through the City of Keene.