This community member is a religious group who is building a new Church and in need of engineering assistance to connect the new Church to the county water and sanitation system.  The Church is currently selling its former church property to move to a new facility in 2020 and will be out of the former property by August of 2020.

Project Background

The Church will be utilizing a prefabricated steel structure for the new church. The placement of The Church will be on a plot of formerly farmed land, which does not currently have water or sanitation services from the street to the building site. This is the main issue at hand for The Church and has hindered progress moving into the new building. No current permitting or planning for these utilities has yet been done, so assistance from the project team on permitting and planning will be needed. On the nearest access road to the site for the new build, there are municipal water and sewer services, but no outreach has yet been conducted to those municipalities.

Project Scope

This project team will be conducting any necessary design as well as assisting with permitting for construction. In addition, the team may examine potential alternatives due to the fact that tie-in to the sewer system would necessitate digging up a town-owned roadway and thus be potentially cost-prohibitive.

About the Community

The Church is a nonprofit church group located within the town of Hartford, IL. The Church is comprised of 40-50 regular parishioners from a low to middle-income background. The Church has been a part of the community for over 90 years and is overseen by a parish board in addition to the current pastor. The Church regularly gives back to the needy within the community as well.