This community is located in the beautiful forests of Mendocino County CA where have a healing center for visitors and staff to use.  Recently the county notified this community that they did not have adequate residential housing and permitting for their establishment.  Along with the community’s architectural volunteers, your team would provide structural engineering assistance and help bring the existing structures up to code and assist in planning for future growth.

Project Background

Two major requirements are driving this request: 1. Is assistance with county requirements to rectify several violations on existing structures and 2. is engineering assistance in preparation for our growth project over the next five years. With the “Sustainable Prototype Community of Tomorrow” and support from the communities pro bono architect, the community requires engineering assistance to launch a successful growth project for the future and expand their capacity at the healing center. The community is also located in an area subject to wildfires, so some of the building needs require innovation (e.g. using rammed earth) to mitigate this issue.

Project Scope

Land use plans are nearly complete, but they need an engineer to finalize the plans and designs for the site layout and the residential structures to submit permits and achieve county approval. The community has a great deal of documentation to share, both current needs and plans for expansion including drawings, videos, and county documents.

About the Community

This community is located in one of the poorest counties in CA. Composed of 14 staff members, they function primarily off volunteer support to reach a local and global community. The community is a nonprofit 501(c)3 spiritual community with a mission to protect, share, and utilize ancient healing knowledge for the heart and soul as well as the physical to provide charitable services to the neediest. A key part of our mission is to demonstrate how to live sustainably and harmoniously with the environment and all humanity.