In this small community, the main thoroughfare has an issue with speeding vehicles and increased traffic, impacting not only the roads but the community safety too.  After further review, a report was created and addressed many of the issues at hand, but supplied very limited cost assessments or components of design, leaving the community at a standstill on what to do next. The Mayor of the Borough feels that by slowing traffic on this street, it will not only increase safety for vehicles and pedestrians but may have positive impacts on property values and accessibility of the downtown street.

Project Background

The challenge and scope of this technical assistance is to determine optimum travel and parking lane widths given the existing curb-to-curb width of the roadway. Additionally, the posted speed limits on both the north and south approach to the section of concern are 55 mph. This results in a speed limit differential of 20 mph at either end of the corridor. The speed must be balanced with travel efficiency and both motorist and pedestrian safety. The town is requesting a traffic study to support infrastructure improvements on the main highway that is owned by the State, with the ultimate goal being to reduce traffic speed and improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians.

Project Scope

The scope of work would involve a traffic study of the highway passing through the Borough, resulting in a report to be submitted to grant funding agencies and to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for approval. The scope would include field studies of traffic patterns, engagement with the city council and public meetings to determine reasonable alternatives, providing cost estimates for alternatives, and potentially working with PennDOT to gain sufficient regulatory permission to move forward with contracting and construction of the recommended alternative.

About the Community

This community in Montour County PA has a population of about 200 individuals and a median household income of approximately $23,000 a year, which is below the 80th percentile for the state.  While the primary occupation of the town is found in the health care sector, there are retail businesses that would greatly benefit from slower traffic and safer roads. Making this project very impactful to the community’s economic development.