This community partner is a newly formed non-profit with a goal of developing a Montessori preschool serving ages 3-6 in Barnstable County, Ma. Montessori schools were originally developed for children of low income families. Currently, The community partner is looking at vacant lots for the preschool and would like to consider shipping containers for the building.

Project Background

The community partner is looking to open a Montessori preschool with an open enrollment to all families in the area regardless of background. The school would be open year-round with extended hours to accommodate working families and approximately half of the students qualify for free or reduced lunch status.  The community partner is hoping to use shipping containers to economically and efficiently build the school and will require assistance with Massachusetts structure rules and regulations. If the idea is successful, the community partner would share the concept with other interested parties.

Project Scope

What is needed is a preliminary engineering report that the community partner can use to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed use of shipping containers for the school. The report and associated scope of work would include:
– Massachusetts rules and regulations on the use of shipping containers as buildings, particularly for a preschool
– Site assessment of vacant lot(s)
– Preliminary design and estimated costs

About the community

The community partner is considered a Village of Barnstable Town. There is no local governing board for this area and is governed by Barnstable.  The neighborhood is considered rural with nearby shelters and low income housing.