The community partner requires a strategy for implementation along with a new and detailed cost estimate focused on their septic system.


In 2009, the community received notification from the Health Department that the septic systems currently in place throughout the City are in violation of health code, and a centralized sewage and treatment system would be needed to serve the City and potentially neighboring towns. The City Council hired a firm to design the collection and treatment systems and a Preliminary Engineering Report was presented to the USDA in 2010. In 2012, funds from grants and loans were granted to the community to execute the design. However, the cost for construction has since increased since the time of the PER submission and the community is at risk of losing the allocated grant funding unless additional funds can be found or cost savings discovered in the original design.

Project Scope

The Mayor has requested a team of volunteers to look for a strategy for implementation before the expiration of the allocated grant funds. This would include a new and detailed cost estimation of the system as it’s currently designed. Then, the team would look for potential cost savings to close the funding gap or to look for alternative financing strategies or to phase construction so that the grant funds can be utilized for a portion of the original design.

About the Community

The current population of the community is 853 people, with a population approximately 70% Black, 22% White, and the remainder a mix of Hispanic and Latino individuals. Manufacturing and Health Care account for a majority of the industry in the area, while the median age is 45 years old.