A donation of a church was received by a community in Queen Anne County, MD, and is currently being utilized as a community center and town hall. There are concerns that the building is not up to code and new designs are needed.


The church building was recently donated to the town. They are currently using the church for community events and their town hall meetings. There are concerns about safety (lead paint, etc). HVAC is old and faulty. The town would like to renovate and use for town and community purposes. Determine if the building is sound and need drawings. Create a preliminary design for remodeling. Coordinate with bathroom addition. Need structural updates and remediation.

Project Scope

The Town is requesting a preliminary engineering report to apply for funding to renovate the building. The scope of work will include assessing the structure for integrity, HVAC, and safety (lead paint, etc.), preparing drawings of the remodel, and preparing any alternatives analysis required for grant funding. Currently, a bathroom is being added under a separate project.

About the Community

The town is comprised mostly of single-family homes sheltering approximately 150 people. The community has limited community space and is looking to renovate a church for town and community purposes. The engineering report will be used to apply for USDA Community Facilities Grants.