A bridge, crossing railroad tracks, has been deemed unsafe since 2014. The bridge was build in the ’30s and since its closure has caused a 12-mile detour to one of the Town’s major routes. Effecting traffic and emergency services. 

Project background

Rather than repair the bridge, the Town would like to replace it with an at-grade crossing. The Office of the Commissioner of Railroads WI has a process that must be adhered to in order for the bridge to be removed and an at-grade crossing installed. Part of this includes an engineering study that the Town is unable to afford.

Project Scope

The engineering request is to develop an engineering report that satisfies the Railroad Commission’s requirements. Pending approval, the report could also be used to apply for available funding. 

The scope of work will include: 

• Researching Railroad Commission requirements 

• Preliminary design and cost estimates of at-grade road crossing 

• Completing engineering report 

• Communications as needed with Railroad and State agencies

About the community

The Town is a rural community in Walworth County, Wisconsin with a population of approximately 900. The town proper is small and surrounded primarily by farms, land, and roads.