Puerto Rico has endured multiple natural disasters in recent years, the most recent being earthquakes that impacted the already fragile infrastructure systems throughout the island. The Puerto Rican branch of National Rural Water contacted CECorps on behalf of multiple communities throughout the island with a request for assistance. These small, rural communities are in need of funding to repair/replace supporting infrastructure to their water systems.

Project Background

The 6 communities identified will need financial support to install generators, housing, and related switchgear and electrical hookups, and NRW is requesting that CECorps volunteers provide the preliminary engineering report and cost estimates for these support systems. This team will work on providing all the necessary preliminary engineering reports including cost estimates needed for these communities to better understand the issues at hand and apply for funding.  Our contact through NRW will be communicating directly with this team as well as the primary point of contact for the communities to move these projects forward to the build and design stage.

Project Scope

Since there are 6 communities for this project, the scope of work will vary depending on the location, but all the communities are in need of similar solutions. Primarily, the scope of work will include preliminary engineering reports and cost estimates for generators, structural needs, access points to water sources, and drilling new wells.  Our contacts at NRW and those located in the community will provide further information as the project progresses and equip the team with all the needed information.

About the Community

All 6 of the communities identified are located in lower-income areas of the island and in need of immediate assistance.  The number of beneficiaries to the projects will total around 2,800 people served and provide clean drinking water and electricity.