The Bayview BOOM is looking for electrical and circuit engineers to support their boombox project. This is not a typical CECorps project, but it is a great opportunity for individual volunteer engineers looking to provide hands-on design and prototyping support.

Project Background

The Bayview BOOM is a ground-breaking school-of-the-streets, on a mission to transform at-risk teens into homegrown engineers, entrepreneurs, and tradespeople, across the Bay Area and beyond. The project places special emphasis on opportunities for teen girls.

Since 2011, the BOOM has provided hands-on introductory classes in electronics assembly, bicycle repair, motorcycle repair, and more.

BOOM Strategy for Change:

Project Scope

CECorps volunteers will contribute to electronic circuit-design and prototyping effort. The deliverables produced by volunteers will be incorporated into the BOOM’s youth engineering classes with disadvantaged teens. No youth-mentoring is included in the scope.

Task Category: Electronic Circuit Design
Volunteer Qualifications: Professional-Level Skillset
Volunteering Location: No Travel Required. Work can be done remotely from any location.
Time Commitment: 3 hrs/week, self-scheduled
Commitment Duration: 3 to 6 weeks

Specific tasks include any one of the following:

  • Design and prototype a lithium cell protection module.
  • Install off-the-shelf firmware onto an off-the-shelf DSP module.
  • Design and prototype a mosfet-switch with special features.
  • Design and prototype a circuit to detect presence of a signal.

About the Community

Marginalized youths in economically-disadvantaged regions across America, and around the world, face limited economic opportunities. The BOOM strategy is to grow grassroots engineering and entrepreneurial skills in the community. BOOM teaches youth apprentices how to build and market a Bluetooth loudspeaker, using recycled and repurposed materials.