This Community partner is currently developing a working farm that would provide income and partial employment to individuals in the community. As part of the development of the farm, they engage with students through the United World College program, oftentimes bringing assistance from across the nation to work on farming-related projects. However, the partner is lacking in structures to house these students during their stay. In addition, the farm is currently using traditional hoop houses for growing operations, but materials and maintenance costs are prohibitive given the harsh nature of the environment on the hoop structures.

Project Background

The Community partner is looking for assistance in the design and cost estimation for 2 separate structures, of which a volunteer team may engage in the designs for either one or both items. The first is a bunkhouse to be used to accommodate students and volunteers that visit the farm, which would include applicable water, sanitation, electrical, and structural designs. The second requested design would be for underground grow structures for sensitive crops, which would resemble traditional *walapinis.
*A walipini is an earth-sheltered cold frame.

Project Scope

This partner needs support in the design of these structures. On behalf of the community, they request that the designs be sensitive to native or permaculture building practices. Designs should be done under applicable codes and include cost estimations as well to assist in funding and outreach.

About the Community

This partner is a collective of women who gathered in an effort to provide support for each other and to be of service to their neighbors through enhanced community engagement and capacity building around health and wellness and financial sustainability. The collective is located in a rural and primarily Hispanic community with about an 8% unemployment rate. The average annual income for approximately 5,000 residents is barely above $12,000. Many residents still farm the rich and arable land on a limited basis, but few are able to make a full- time living in this manner. With the reports provided by the CECorps team, the collective will utilize the designs and cost estimations to request in-kind contributions for construction and general grant funding.