The community needs assistance with upgrades to one of its municipal buildings. These include adding an elevator, adding automatic doors, wheelchair ramps, and other accessibility modifications. Additionally, remediating water damage that impacts the basement.

Project Background

In the 1980s the basement of the building suffered water damage causing a portion of the building to be unusable.  Currently, the walls, ceiling, and flooring in the basement are removed and the electrical work is not up to code.
On top of the basement needs, the three-story public building would like to add an elevator, replace the door to the side entrance so it opens automatically, fix the ramp and side entry so it is easier for wheelchairs to maneuver, add handicap accessible bathrooms to each floor, and get the basement back into usable condition as a community room. Project drawings were provided by a local firm, but the community is requesting more detailed work and insight.

Project Scope

The community will need assistance with the above requests and review of existing project drawings provided by a local firm.  The project is currently seeking a Professional Engineer for this project.

About the Community

The building is in a rural area and supports about 1,450 patrons around Dunn County.  Due to its location, this particular municipal building supports the local community and extended communities with library services that are desperately needed in the area.