This community is currently receiving treated water from a supply pipeline and storing in their 3,500-gallon water tank.  The estimated cost to maintain the tower may be cost-prohibited.

Project Background

The community would like an alternative analysis for its water system to asses the practicality of the water tower compared to alternate options; addressing issues of maintenance cost and water storage/supply.

Project Scope

The town is currently receiving treated water from a supply pipeline at approximately 75 gals/minute and is stored in their current 3,500-gallon water tower. An estimate of the cost of maintenance on the tower would be around $60-100k. Given that this may be potentially cost-prohibitive, the City wants to explore other options for water supply, which includes the potential for replacing the water tower with a pump station.

About the Community

the community is a farming community with low-income housing. There are approximately 200 ratepayers/residents. All residents are currently ratepayers. There are no pockets or non-piped households on independent water systems. Approximately 21 handicapped residences and 8 Businesses.