This community partner is requesting preliminary designs and cost estimates to provide to the federal attorneys office with regards to water service provision to non-tribal members in the area.  This community partner is located in Riverside County, California and plans to use the report and cost estimate to advocate for the development of the proposed infrastructure as part of the settlement with the federal government.

Project Background

A long-standing federal suit is being concluded with regards to the water rights for tribal members in the region, in and surrounding the town. It was determined by the relevant federal agencies involved that local tribal entities in the area, looking to facilitate growth in their community, were not granted water rights that had been codified into historical agreements for the region. As the suit moves forward, engineering and planning for piping water from the local water district  has been conducted and costs estimated to supply the entities and citizens with the water that the new agreements will establish. However, for non-tribal members and the surrounding area, there is limited funding and organization to advocate for and establish infrastructure for water supply. The community partner is an informal gathering of concerned citizens that advocate for non-tribal members of the area. These non-tribal members are generally low income and utilize existing private well operators in the area. However, the federal agencies and the attorney representing the non-tribal entities have conceded that there needs to be cost estimates provided in the settlement documents to account for the non-tribal member water supply extension infrastructure.

Project Scope

The preliminary design and cost estimations would include and tie-in to the proposed tribal supply pipeline. Including additional pump(s), storage, and any necessary treatment infrastructure.

About the Community

The community is partially encompassed by tribal land and has a mixture of Hispanic, Caucasian, and Native members. The population is 3,284, however, the project may encompass interested parties outside the town limits. The community represented by this group would be the non-tribal members of the town and surrounding area, which would be approximately 300-400 people (approximately).