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Community Engineering Corps projects take place across the country and are made possible through the great work of our volunteers. Members of all three Community Engineering Corps alliance organizations – American Society of Civil Engineers, American Water Works Association, and Engineers Without Borders USA – are welcome to join us!

Services We Provide

Community Engineering Corps volunteers provide pro-bono engineering services that may include consultation, investigation, evaluation, planning and design of engineering works and systems, engineering studies and the review of construction for the purpose of assuring substantial compliance with drawings and specifications.
Current Opportunities

Community Engineering Corps has individual and team opportunities for interested volunteers. Review the current list and submit an application for opportunities that interest you.

Water & Sanitation New Hampshire

Keene, NH: Engineering/ Technical Report- Water Supply

In 2010, this community Cooperative received funding to start a preliminary engineering report and receive expert input on their water system throughout their manufactured housing park. After the assessment was completed many deficiencies were...
Energy Puerto Rico

The Territory of Puerto Rico, PR: Engineering/ Technical Report,Training, & Regulatory response- Energy

CECorps with working with a non-profit recently incorporated in Puerto Rico with a mission is “to maximize the capacity of first responders to save lives with renewable energy” and their vision is that “every...
Structures West Virginia

Preston County, WV: Engineering/ Technical Report- Structure

Blueprint Communities is an initiative developed and implemented by FHLBank Pittsburgh in 2005 to create momentum for revitalizing older communities and neighborhoods. The Blueprint Communities program supports community leaders who are looking to make...
Energy Colorado

ARC Thrift Store Energy Audits, CO: Engineering/ Technical Report- Energy

Arc Thrift Stores is a 52 year old non-profit, with a mission to enhance the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They have 31 thrift stores and 4-5 warehouses throughout Colorado where...
Agriculture Connecticut

New London County, CT: Engineering/ Technical Report & Fieldwork- Agriculture

This community garden was founded in 2004 to engage youth in farming to help address the need for healthy, fresh food in the area. They have evolved since then and continue to use food...

San Francisco, CA: Engineering/ Technical Report – Electrical Engineers Needed

The Bayview BOOM is looking for electrical and circuit engineers to support their boombox project. This is not a typical CECorps project, but it is a great opportunity for individual volunteer engineers looking to...
Structures New Mexico

Santa Fe County, NM: Engineering/ Technical Report & Fieldwork- Structures

This Community partner is currently developing a working farm that would provide income and partial employment to individuals in the community. As part of the development of the farm, they engage with students through...
Water & Sanitation Illinois

Madison County, IL: Engineering/ Technical Report- Water & Sanitation

This community member is a religious group who is building a new Church and in need of engineering assistance to connect the new Church to the county water and sanitation system.  The Church is...
Water & Sanitation Virginia

Accomack County, VA: Training & Regulatory Response- Water & Sanitation

Approximately 10 years ago, a centralized wastewater treatment and land application system was installed in the county of Accomack County, VA by a local engineering firm. Since the time of its installation, it has...
Civil Works Pennsylvania

Montour County, PA: Fieldwork & Engineering /Technical Report- Civil Works

In this small community, the main thoroughfare has an issue with speeding vehicles and increased traffic, impacting not only the roads but the community safety too.  After further review, a report was created and...
Civil Works Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico: Fieldwork & Engineering /Technical Report- Civil Works

Puerto Rico has endured multiple natural disasters in recent years, the most recent being earthquakes that impacted the already fragile infrastructure systems throughout the island. The Puerto Rican branch of National Rural Water contacted...
Structures California

Mendocino County, CA: Fieldwork & Engineering /Technical Report- Structures

This community is located in the beautiful forests of Mendocino County CA where have a healing center for visitors and staff to use.  Recently the county notified this community that they did not have...
Water & Sanitation Massachusetts

Franklin County, MA: Engineering /Technical Report- Sanitation

Sanitation Engineers Needed! Franklin County is a remote and rural community that has recently run into difficulties attracting qualified treatment plant operators for its wastewater treatment system. The current chief operator has recommended to...
Water & Sanitation California

Sacramento, CA: Engineering /Technical Report & Feasibility Study- Water Supply

A small community along the Sacramento River currently uses a groundwater pump, treatment, and storage system that was installed decades ago. The owner and operator of the system was contacted by the Rural Community...
Civil Works Texas

Bexar County, TX: Engineering/ Technical Report- Affordable Housing & Flood Mitigation

This community partner is looking to build low-income housing for community members in this growing TX county.  They have acquired the building site and are ready to move forward, but informed CECorps that the...
Committees Remote

Technical Review Committee

CECorps Committee Member Position Description All Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) projects follow a rigorous process to provide a professional standard of care and appropriate response to community needs. While all project team deliverables are...
Civil Works Wisconsin

Walworth County, WI: Engineering/Technical Report- Railroad Crossing

A bridge, crossing railroad tracks, has been deemed unsafe since 2014. The bridge was build in the ’30s and since its closure has caused a 12-mile detour to one of the Town’s major routes....
Structures Maryland

Queen Anne’s County, MD: Engineering /Technical Report- Church Renovation

A donation of a church was received by a community in Queen Anne County, MD, and is currently being utilized as a community center and town hall. There are concerns that the building is...
Committees Remote

Legal Review Committee

CECorps Committee Member Position Description All Community Engineering Corps (CECorps) projects follow a rigorous process to provide a professional standard of care and appropriate response to community needs. While all project team deliverables are...
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Volunteer Project Process

All Community Engineering Corps projects go through three phases: Pre-CECorps, CECorps, Post-CECorps


Underserved community identifies a need within CECorps’ areas of expertise: agriculture, civil works, energy, structures, and/or water & sanitation.

Note: CECorps services do not include construction

The commitunity should be organized and motivated to enlist help and make changes

The community can demonstrate a lack of resources or ability to obtain technical services

When the items above are confirmed, the community can apply to CECorps.


Community Engineering Corps provides a framework for our volunteers to work on a solution to the community’s identified needs. This framework protects you and the professionals working with you. CECorps volunteers are covered by professional liability insurance – important in the litigious USA – but only if you operate within the parameters of the program.

1. Find a Project

Look for open opportunities on the web

If already engaged with a community, encourage them to apply


2. Assemble a Team

Identify project lead, Responsible Engineer in Charge (REIC), and others as needed

Register in Volunteer Village

*Team members must belong to ASCE, AWWA, or EWB-USA


3. Plan the Work

Collaborate with community to develop a Work Plan and complete an Engineering Service Agreement

Submit for CECorps Technical and Legal Review


4. Work the Plan

Carry out work plan, develop solution

Submit for CECorps Technical Review


5. Deliver Final Work Product

Present solution to community


6. Monitor and Evaluate*

Alert CECorps that project is complete

Complete volunteer survey

*CECorps conducts long-term M&E

The vetted process and policies follow well-established industry practice that meets a professional standard of care. It ensures professionalism and commitment toward the communities we serve.


Community implements engineered solution. With increased technical capacity, the community can use the project team deliverables in a number of ways.

Note: While CECorps does not cover construction activities, volunteers may participate as an “owner’s rep” to ensure construction meets design specifications.

Apply for funding

Consider engineering recommended alternatives

Implement designs

Meet regulations

What's in My Backyard?

CECorps is pleased to announce the What’s in My Backyard? Learn more about volunteering with CECorps and developing local projects by exploring our educational material.

What's in My Backyard?